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All of our refurbished items are serviced and rigorously tested before being re-sold. Curly handset cables are replaced, the phone base and handset are sanitised, and once they pass our 15 point check for suitability, we price and re-sell them. Please see our FAQ section for further details.

The NEC XN120 Communication system is an easy to use, modular telephone system designed specifically for the needs of the small to medium size business or branch organization. The XN120 allows connection of traditional corded or cordless telephones as well as the highly featured XN120 system phones. The basic system is initially equipped for 3 analogue exchange lines and 8 extensions. With the simple addition of cards, it can provide capacity for 9 analogue lines (or up to 18 ISDN channels) and 24 extensions. When your business grows even larger you can add expansion cabinets to grow to a maximum of 72 extensions and 27 lines.

The NEC XN120 has features seldom found on small business systems. For example, it is one of the very few systems that can provide caller line identity (CLI) to traditional corded, cordless or system-phones. This means that you can even connect traditional DECT cordless phones and still get the incoming callers name, or telephone number displayed before you answer the call. CLI is a standard feature so no extra cards or equipment is required.

The system can distribute calls evenly to assigned staff or in a priority order. If one group member is busy, the call forwards to the next group member. If all extensions are busy you can queue incoming callers and if you have the integrated voicemail card you can play holding messages.

Start small and expand your system when you want. Unlike most competitive systems, the XN120 does not force you to throw away your existing main cabinets when your business expands. Just add XN120 expansion cabinets and expand all the way up to 72 extensions and 27 lines.

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