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Panasonic TDA0158 8 Channel Cell Station, Digital Interface

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    A1 Refurbished
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    1-2 days
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All of our refurbished items are serviced and rigorously tested before being re-sold. Curly handset cables are replaced, the phone base and handset are sanitised, and once they pass our 15 point check for suitability, we price and re-sell them. Please see our FAQ section for further details.

The New KX-TDA0158 high density DECT cell station allows businesses to cost effectively increase employee availability, eases customer's access, and enhances customer service by providing unhindered access to wireless telephony for up to eight (8) simultaneous DECT mobility users per cell. Multiple cell stations can be installed to allow more DECT handset users leverage from the excellent wireless solution.

The KX-TDA0158 connects to digital extension ports and requires 4 digital extension ports per unit.

Compatible with :-

  • KX-TDA15 (Version 5 and above) - max 2 per system
  • KX-TDA30 (Version 5 and above) - max 4 per system
  • KX-TDA100 / KX-TDA200 (Version 5 and above) - max 16 per system
  • KX-TDE100 / KX-TDE200 (Version 1 and above) - max 16 per system
  • KX-TDA600 (Version 5 and above) - max 64 per system
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