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Structured Cabling


Helpdesk Communications Ltd has many years of experience in the upgrading and installation of structured cabling systems; using both single/multimode fibre optic and twisted pair (cat 5e/6) cabling.

Installing a structured cabling system provides a fully integrated method of transferring voice and data signals around your office. Typically shielded twisted cat5e/cat6 cables are fed from a central patch panel to modular sockets located at convenient locations around the office; each modular socket is capable of providing a combination of voice and/or data ports. From the central patch panel, each connection is either patched into a data network switch or into a telecommunications patch bay.

Each structured cabling network we undertake is thoroughly surveyed and a written specification is drawn up. Within this report, potential problems are highlighted and recommended solutions suggested, while at all times adhering to international standards to maximise performance, upgradability and reliability.



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